Services & Tools


  • A service which allows businesses to provide direct deposit of employee payroll, electronically transfer funds, and collect accounts receivable including rent or membership dues.


  • A service which allows a business to set up and manage domestic wire transfers online.

Merchant Credit Card Services & Machines

  • We partner with one of the world’s largest credit card processing companies, Elan
  • Accepts both credit cards and debit cards
  • Can support conventional “swipe” terminals, web-based business, and/or phone submissions
  • Offers some of the most competitive fees in the industry

Business Credit Cards

  • Multiple card options to meet your business’ needs
  • Flexible reward programs that add benefits to your relationships


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Gift Cards

  • Visa® Gift Cards can be purchased for $3.95 per card from $10.00 up to $500.00, and are good wherever Visa® is accepted

Rolled Coins

  • Available at no extra cost

Savings Bonds

  • Paper savings bonds are no longer sold at Forward Bank
  • But they’re not going away — electronic savings bonds can be purchased online through TreasuryDirect
  • Forward Bank will continue to redeem paper savings bonds


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Stop Payment Info

  • To place a stop payment, you need to log into online banking, and choose the stop payment tab or stop at any location
  • Stop payments cost $30.00 per stop placed
  • Be sure to look at your account history and stop payment history in online banking to be sure the check has not already been sent through the system and cleared your account, or been stopped prior to your current actions

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer our customers a safe way to protect their valuable property with Safe Deposit Boxes. Box rentals are available at the Colby, Greenwood, Marshfield, Medford, Park Falls, Phillips, Stanley, Thorp and Withee Offices. Not all box sizes are available at all locations. 






Annual Fee

  3 x 5   $30.00      
  5 x 5   $45.00 (Greenwood, Thorp, Withee)    
  3 x 10   $45.00      
  5 x 10   $60.00      
  10 x 10   $100.00      
  10 x 20   $200.00 (Greenwood Only)    

Rental Information:

  • Must have a checking or savings account with us
  • Box rent will automatically be withdrawn from your deposit account
  • Rent is withdrawn annually from open date
  • $10 rent late payment
  • $20.00 key deposit at time of opening
  • Lock replacement fees will be charged if applicable
  • Any expenses incurred in connection to your box will be withdrawn from your checking or savings account