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Forward Bank

Payroll & HR Solutions

Forward Bank has teamed up with Deluxe to offer you easy payroll and HR solutions to manage your employees and protect your business.

Enjoy these Important Features

  • Flexible package options available
  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Highest security protocols
  • Experienced team of specialists

Everything your business needs in one cloud-based online system


Our trusted partner, Deluxe, helps our financial institution offer you HR Solutions that streamline everything from finding the right candidates to employee onboarding, benefits administration and payroll.

  • Automate Hiring and Onboarding: Create a breezy first-day experience for new employees. Automate and assign onboarding tasks, get digital signatures early, and with our simplified benefits add-on, start offering enrollment completely online.
  • Digitize Secure Documents: Paper is out. Tech is in. Whether you are already paper-free or not, Deluxe Payroll and HR Solutions will streamline your process of e-signatures and securely manage digital employee documents.
  • Simplify Benefits Administration: Say goodbye to the hassle of benefit administration functions and hello to modern payroll and HR software fueled by industry-leading technology. Now employees can enroll in and manage all their benefits online. 
  • Customize Time-off Requests and Approvals: You know what time it is. It’s time to make tracking your team’s work, PTO and holiday hours easier once and for all. Deluxe helps keep your team paid accurately and on time, digitally. Automatically calculate PTO, holiday hours, or overtime, all in one place. No more spreadsheets.
  • Comprehensive Payroll Solution: Run your payroll right from Deluxe with an easy-to-use, complete solution. Just fire it up and seamlessly capture paystubs and automatically manage reconciliations from one place. Plus, create comprehensive payroll reports with custom fields from an all-in-one platform!
  • Master Compliance: Rest easy knowing important documents and records are centralized for compliance. Work stress-free with benefits and payroll that are securely organized and digitally stored.
  • Streamline Workflows: Let’s keep it simple, shall we? You got in this business to help people. So let’s automate and streamline routine tasks already. With the Deluxe workflow builder, you can drag and drop any process or checklist to automate it once and for all. Standardize routines and customize new-hire paperwork. Digital documentation helps free you from endless piles of paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Deluxe you'll get industry-leading online HR and payroll software that enables your business to process payroll seamlessly with HR services that fit your business needs, all in one comprehensive cloud-based solution. You’ll also get access to the support you need to make informed decisions.

Deluxe understands that not every business requires the same solution when it comes to payroll and human resources. That's why they offer 2 subscription packages to choose from — Payroll + HR Essentials and Payroll + HR Enhanced. Each package has a low monthly fee and per employee charge. Both options offer unlimited payroll processing and the ability to add on other features.

Find out how to save time and money by moving to monthly HR and payroll processing with Deluxe.

Deluxe supports all small to medium size businesses including professional services, health care, hospitality, restaurants, builders and contractors, retail and so many more. Have unique needs? They are here to help with a payroll and HR solution that will work for your business.

Deluxe Payroll and HR Solution specialists are available to show you a demo. Complete this short form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Customer service is important to Deluxe Payroll and HR solutions. They have expertly trained staff available to help with any questions whether by chat, email or phone.

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Deluxe is Forward Bank’s Payroll & HR Solutions partner.

Offering innovative solutions to revolutionize the way businesses pay, get paid, optimize, and grow.

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