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Counterfeit Bills in Thorp March 29, 2019

Multiple reports are coming in from different areas for counterfeit bills. See details below:

From the City of Thorp (3/29/2019): Businesses and residents of Thorp, please keep an eye out for FAKE $100 bills circulating throughout the City. Thorp Police Department has recovered several of these fake bills. If you do find any, contact the PD at 715-669-5523. There are Chinese characters on the back side and the paper feels differently than real bills, but at quick glance look very similar.

counterfeit bills - thorp wisconsin


From the Eau Claire Police Department (3/28/2019):

Information for retailers! We have seen an increase in counterfeit currency being exchanged the past few weeks. This is a $100 bill passed this morning.

counterfeit bill - eau claire 1


Here are some tips to identify a counterfeit bill:

  • Feel of the bill
  • Look for the watermark portrait
  • Look for a security thread
  • Look for color changing ink
  • Pay attention to blurry boarders
  • Use a counterfeit money detection pen
  • The money may have a “Motion Picture Use Only” written on it


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