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Forward Supports Student Athletes Through Cooperative Programs November 20, 2017

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Forward Financial Bank will be holding $5,000 half-court shots at 9 local high school basketball games and 2 hockey games this winter! To support the mission of giving back to the community, half of the overall prize will be given to the school athletic program.

“After having our first successful shot (basketball) last year in Greenwood, we are excited to continue to partner with our school athletic programs in order to encourage attendance at sporting events and give back to our communities,” commented Bill Sennholz, President/CEO of Forward Financial Bank. “To make this the best year yet, we encourage communities to join us at the games to support our student athletes and watch as one lucky fan at each event attempts to make a shot worth $5,000. We hope to have many more winners this season!” 

Each fan attending a participating high school basketball game will be entered into a random drawing for the shot. The attempt will be from half-court with $2,500 going to the shooter and $2,500 going to the school if the shot is successful. A similar set up and process will be used for the hockey games as well.


Forward Financial Bank will be at the following basketball/hockey games:

  • Greenwood Indians – December 1
  • Stanley/Boyd Orioles – December 8
  • Marshfield Tigers (Hockey) – December 15
  • Thorp Cardinals – January 4
  • Abbotsford Falcons – January 5
  • Medford Raiders (Hockey) – January 15
  • Owen-Withee Blackhawks – January 19
  • Colby Hornets – January 23
  • Marshfield Tigers – January 25
  • Medford Red Raiders – February 15
  • Columbus Dons – TBD

Please support your local high school athletic programs by attending these games and you could have the opportunity to win $2,500 for yourself and $2,500 for the school!

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