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Home is where the heart is…

it is also your greatest asset!




kids-running-into-house-home-family-iStock-613765450_72dpiConstruction Loans

When you are building a home, you are really building the future for your family. You’re selecting a builder that you know and trust will take your vision and make it a reality. Take the same care in selecting your financing – talk with one of our home lending experts and we’ll make the process easy for you.  


Home Equity Loans

Does your kitchen need an upgrade, could your bathroom need some work, or do you need to add another bedroom for your growing family? A little equity could go a long way! Use the equity in your home to make those projects happen. Lock in your interest rate and enjoy the convenience of affordable monthly payments over a set time period with a home equity loan. Talk with your tax adviser to explore additional value of using the equity in your home.  


Home Equity Line of Credit

Your home has the potential to help you meet your goals. Whether you need your equity to send you on vacation, build an addition, send a child to college, or purchase a vehicle- a line of credit can help. Use this flexible financing tool to maximize your home’s value and potentially receive tax benefits!* If you are looking for the certainty of a set payment and term, while using your home’s equity for projects; a home equity line is perfect for you.

From the moment you decide to purchase your first home through using the equity in your home to remodel or add on, our team will guide you to the best option to meet your unique needs.


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    *Consult with your tax advisor