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Identify Investment Goals

Are you curious to learn how you really feel about money?

Decipher helps you uncover your subconscious reactions and feelings about money and connect the dots between your emotions and financial well-being.

Decipher is an interactive experience designed to enhance communication and collaboration with your financial professional about your goals, needs, and priorities.


A brief questionnaire helps you identify your Thinking Style and how that influences your choices, followed by a short video assessment that indicates how strongly you feel about important financial topics.

Understanding how the following elements blend together to create your unique world view brings more clarity to your financial professional. It helps prioritize what’s most important to you to create strategies that are customized for your specific goals.

The Emotion Recognition portion of Decipher, based on the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) developed over the last 40 years by Dr. Paul Ekman, tracks subtle facial expressions during the video segment of the experience to reveal the areas of financial concern you have the strongest emotional reaction to, sometimes revealing hidden feelings about money.

Thinking Styles are based on over 20 years of research and consist of three main elements:

  1. Past thinking is concerned with events that have already happened; past thinkers consider facts and want certainty before making decisions.
  2. Present thinking is concerned with events happening right now or about to happen; present thinkers want to implement and maintain stability and organization.
  3. Future thinking considers the various possibilities that might happen; future thinkers, unconcerned by risk, look for opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

Getting Started with Decipher

Before You Begin

Find a quiet, well-lit environment. Use a computer or iPad with a functioning webcam to access the Decipher assessment link provided by your financial professional or click Try it Now! Earbuds or headphones are recommended, but not required.

Step 1: Answer a series of questions that will identify your Thinking Style.

Step 2: Watch a short video that presents different financial scenarios. Decipher will track your emotional reactions as you view it.

Step 3: Receive a copy of your personalized report detailing your Thinking Style and the five topics where you had the strongest emotional reaction.

Step 4: Review the findings in your report with your financial professional and discuss what matters most to you. This helps them better tailor your financial strategies to pursue your desired goals.

Supported Platforms

Decipher supports Apple OSX 10.12 and Windows 7, 8 and 10 running Google Chrome 68, Mozilla Firefox 61, Apple Safari 11, Opera 55 and Microsoft Edge 42, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Tablet devices running the iOS operating system are expected to be available in Q1/2019. Tablet devices running the Android operating systems are expected to be available in Q2/2019.

Safe and Secure

  • Decipher does not store images or videos obtained during the assessment. All data are processed within the United States on IBM infrastructure, and are erased as soon as they are analyzed.
  • The only information retained is the emotional metadata and Thinking Style designation that are required for your personalized report.
  • Decipher is not a facial recognition program.
  • The software reads emotional reactions—it does not collect or store physical features or traits used for identification purposes.

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