Lender List

For your reference, here is a complete listing of bank employees that have the ability to address your Mortgage Loan questions: 


Mortgage Lender Experts:

Angie Domine_200x200

Angie Domine

Marshfield Office

NMLS ID 720544

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Bob McManus

Bob McManus

Marshfield Office

NMLS ID 1057622

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Jill Scheppler

Jill Scheppler

Marshfield Office

NMLS ID 1263205

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Nicole Ellis

Marshfield Office

NMLS ID 950523

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Lender Team:

Traci Geiger

Colby Office

NMLS ID 609644

Vicky Fischer

Vicky Fisher

Colby Office

NMLS ID 609645

Sarah Shaw

Greenwood Office

NMLS ID 815160

Chris Damerell

Chris Damerell

Marshfield Office

NMLS ID 1463270

Megan Rosandich

Marshfield Office

NMLS ID 916441

Nathan Bilodeau_Forward Bank

Nathan Bilodeau

Medford Office

NMLS ID 523794

Andrea Hazard

Stanley Office

NMLS ID 950533

Sam Hubbard_200x200

Samantha Hubbard

Thorp Office

NMLS ID 1118315

Sara Blume

Sara Blume

Withee Office

NMLS ID 1195505


Mortgage Newsletters

The process for buying a new home can seem overwhelming, but our mortgage professionals are here to guide you through each step. We are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make confident decisions about the home of your dreams. To help you through the process, see our library of Mortgage Newsletters below:

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