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Forward Bank


Use Propel to save hundreds of dollars every year by tracking spending, setting goals and establishing realistic budgets.

Enjoy these great features

  • Create spending categories
  • Set goals and budget
  • Watch where your money goes
  • Access through online and mobile banking


  • From your Dashboard, review your accounts, cash, credit cards, debts, investment categories, and all posted transactions.
  • Easily create budgets to categorize and track spending habits. By seeing how you reach a spending target you can make smarter financial choices.
  • The cashflow feature brings your budget to life through an interactive calendar.
  • Create savings goals, like saving for a vacation, or a debt reduction goal, like paying off a high-rate credit card.
  • Quickly add up all of your assets and debts to show an up to date estimate of your net worth.
  • Syncing other accounts in Propel for a complete financial picture is simple. Track your account relationships with almost all financial institutions automatically, including credit card providers and investment firms.

  • Digital Banking | Manage Money with Propel video

    Digital Banking | Manage Money with Propel