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Second $5,000 Touchdown Throw Winner in Owen-Withee October 16, 2019

Forward Bank sponsored a $5,000 Touchdown Throw on October 11th at the Owen-Withee Blackhawks football game and saw it’s second winner!

The lucky participant, Ryan Gutsch, was selected at random from the crowd to attempt a 15 yard throw into a 32-gallon barrel sitting on the goal line for a chance to win $2,500 for himself and $2,500 for the school’s athletic program. It was a cold Friday night, but the crowd erupted with cheers when Ryan’s throw sailed effortlessly into the barrel. Ryan is the second winner of the $5,000 Touchdown Throw since it replaced the field goal kick in 2018. Congratulations to Ryan and the Owen-Withee athletic program!


“These types of events encourage our communities to come out and support our student athletes commented Sara Blume, Office Manager at Forward Bank in Withee. “It is also a unique way for us to connect with our communities while giving back in a fun and exciting way!” We’re so happy to have a winner in Owen-Withee!”


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Touchdown Throws are occurring at high school football games in each of the communities Forward Bank serves. To see full schedule of games or follow Forward Bank on Facebook.


Photo (first row): Kelly Booth, Heidi Hatlestad, Amanda Krueger, Leah Shakal, Sara Blume, (last row): Mel Thompson, Travis Hazard, Ruth Thompson, Jesse Nelson, Ryan Gutsch, Sandy Klatt, Bill Sennholz, Heather Zoellick



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