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Success – $5,000 Half Court Shot Winner in Greenwood January 25, 2017

In its third year, the Forward Financial Bank $5,000 half court shot found success in Greenwood on Tuesday, January 24.

All attendees of the Greenwood versus Loyal basketball game were given a free ticket by the Forward Financial Bank team on their way in to the game. At half-time a ticket was drawn at random and Todd Schoenherr had two attempts to make the shot from half court.
Winner of the Forward Financial Bank $5,000 Half Court Shot in Greenwood

Schoenherr used his first attempt from half court to dial in the distance and his aim. On his second attempt, he got the crowd on their feet cheering as he drained the shot! He will be receiving a check from Forward Financial Bank for $2,500 and the Greenwood Athletic program will receive a check for $2,500. One shot makes two winners in Greenwood.

Half court shots are occurring at high school basketball games in each of the communities Forward Financial Bank serves. Upcoming shots include Marshfield on January 27, Abbotsford on January 30, Marshfield Columbus on February 7, and Medford on February 17. The purpose of the $5,000 half court shots is to encourage our communities to come out to support our student athletes.

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