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Winners of the 2019 Employee Calendar Photo Contest August 2, 2018

A few months ago we challenged all of the Forward employees to get out their cameras and capture the beauty, history, people, and character of our communities. They accepted the challenge and submissions were voted on internally by employees and a “fan vote” was facilitated through a Facebook photo album. 

There were over 30 photo submitted by 17 different employees, but there are only 12 spots available in our calendar. Here are the winners:


Gene Knoll (Medford) - "Green Frog"

Gene Knoll (Medford) – “Green Frog”

Jennifer Sobotta (Medford) "Flags Over Millpond Spillway"

Jennifer Sobotta (Medford) “Flags Over Millpond…”











Billi Tollers (Marshfield) - "Eau Plaine in July"

Billi Tollers (Marshfield) – “Eau Plaine in July”

Angie Domine (Marshfield) - "Hewitt Walking/Biking Trail"

Angie Domine (Marshfield) – “Hewitt Walking Trail”











Molly Knoll (Medford) - "November Sunset"

Molly Knoll (Medford) – “November Sunset”

Shari Kaiser (Marshfield) - "Sunset Near Spencer"

Shari Kaiser (Marshfield) – “Sunset Near Spencer”










Abigail Mathison (Thorp) - "Sunflowers"

Abigail Mathison (Thorp) – “Sunflowers”

Marisa Steinbach (Marshfield) - "Soccer"

Marisa Steinbach (Marshfield) – “Soccer”











JoAnna Yeager (Stanley) - "Wintery Wonderland"

JoAnna Yeager (Stanley) – “Wintery Wonderland”

Sara Blume (Withee) - "Huey, Lewey, & Dewey"

Sara Blume (Withee) – “Huey, Lewey, & Dewey”












Karen Berg (Colby) – “Wausau Balloon Fest”

Jessica Resler (Colby) - "Sunrise in the Woods"

Jessica Resler (Colby) – “Sunrise in the Woods”

















Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for the arrival of these custom calendars later this fall, which will be available at all of our branch locations.

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