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Travel Insurance: Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

February 12, 2024

Americans love to travel. Despite all the positive outcomes — seeing new sites, meeting new people, trying new cuisines — problems can arise. Travel insurance can mean the difference between a safe trip and one fraught with frustrations.

Most travel insurance covers canceled flights, lost luggage, lost passports, and other inconveniences. A serious illness or accident, however, can be much more problematic than replacing lost toiletries. If you become sick or injured while abroad, there is no place like home.

Your travel policy may include medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, which provides the following benefits that can prove helpful, whether you travel domestically or abroad.

Your coverage can transport you to a local medical facility if one is available that is able to treat your particular illness. If you receive the best care near your home, your coverage can manage the logistics of your flight home, including special equipment needed during your transport.

If you remain abroad for treatment, some travel plans cover the additional cost of keeping a loved one at your side as your advocate. Some policies will also cover the cost to return your loved one home.

If the worst happens to you or your family member, repatriation coverage is extremely beneficial. This helps arrange and pay for the transport of remains. While most policies do not pay for the burial, the cost of repatriating remains can run in the thousands. This coverage can greatly reduce the financial and emotional strain on family members during a difficult time.

Americans trust their travel agents to help plan the best trip within their budget. However, it is better to rely on your travel agent to provide the best travel advice, not insurance guidance. Insurance agents who specialize in travel can help you plan that trip of a lifetime so you can travel with peace of mind.

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