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ACH Origination

From payroll and collections to processing donations and membership dues, ACH origination can help save your business or non-profit time and money.


  • Online account reporting
  • Eliminate lost, stolen, or forged checks
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Funds directly deposited into accounts
  • Quick and secure transactions
  • Automate payment processes

ACH stand for Automated Clearing House, which basically means a direct bank transfer, rather than using a debit or credit card.

ACH Benefits for Businesses

Whether you're a sole proprietor or running a business with 300 employees having an efficient process to send and receive payments is important. Use ACH origination for payroll, vendor payments, collections, and more.

  • Control Cash Flow: Eliminate the uncertainty of when a check will be deposited or funds withdrawn. Additionally, payments from your customers are deposited right into your business account.
  • Save Time and Money: ACH payments are less expensive compared to paper checks or credit card transactions. Plus, you no longer need to make a trip to the post office or bank.
  • Safe and Secure: ACH payments minimize the risk of a payment being forged, lost, or stolen. You personal and account data are encrypted with each ACH transaction.
  • Prevent Fraud & Errors: Use dual control features as an added layer of protection to reduce the chance of errors and prevent fraud.

ACH Benefits for Non-Profits, Charities, Organizations

As a non-profit organization, every avenue you can potentially accept revenue through is worth exploring. It’s easier than ever to maximize donations using low-cost ACH payment processing for nonprofits.

  • Control Cash Flow: Eliminate the uncertainty of when a check will be deposited or funds withdrawn. Additionally, donations are deposited right into your non-profit account.
  • Save Time and Money: Having ACH transfers as an option will benefit your sustaining donors, your organization, and your mission. The money will appear in your bank account without having to lift a finger! Plus, ACH payments generally have lower fees which means you can keep more of the donations you’re accepting.
  • Safe and Secure: Provide your donors with peace of mind that their account information is safe when they use a secure donation option like ACH. Unlike checks, which are vulnerable to both being misplaced and to signature forgery, ACH transfers are direct and eliminate intermediaries.
  • Obtain Sustaining Donations: If you offer your donors an option to set up recurring donations on their authorization form they only have to provide their information once but can easily make a second or third donation.

Electronic bank transfers free up time, save money and energy so you can focus on what really matters.


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    Business | Digital Banking | ACH/Wires

Make the switch to ACH

Now that you know the advantages of ACH for business and non-profits, it's time to stop cutting checks. Contact a location near you to set up ACH origination today!