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Forward Bank

Individual & Families

Don’t let you or your family go without coverage. We have several options for you to explore for quality coverage on and off the marketplace.

Short Term Medical

Are you a recent college graduate, between jobs, or newly hired and waiting for benefits to start? No one wants to carry the burden of being uninsured. Short term health insurance is temporary coverage to help keep you financially protected while providing access to quality healthcare.

ACA Marketplace


Marketplace insurance refers to health insurance plans available through the Health Insurance Marketplace, established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These are also known as “on-exchange” plans, formerly known as “Obamacare.”

It is designed to help individuals and families who do not have access to affordable employer-sponsored coverage or do not qualify for public programs such as Medicaid or Medicare. Marketplace plans provide comprehensive coverage that includes essential health benefits, such as preventive care, prescription drugs, and hospitalization. They also offer financial assistance based on income to make the coverage more affordable.


Off-exchange insurance, also known as “off-marketplace” or “individual market” insurance, refers to health insurance plans purchased directly from insurance companies or through brokers outside the Health Insurance Marketplace. These plans offer coverage and benefits similar to Marketplace plans but they are not eligible for the financial assistance available through the Marketplace.

Off-exchange methods may be suitable for individuals or families who don’t qualify for subsidies or prefer to explore additional coverage options outside of the Marketplace. They provide flexibility in choosing specific insurance companies and plans that meet individual needs.

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