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Forward Bank


As an independent insurance agency we have access to many highly rated carriers. Your Forward Insurance agent has the knowledge and experience to select the best choice for your individual needs.

Payments & Claims

Accidents occur when you least expect it and never when its convenient. If you experience a loss during normal business hours, please contact one of our offices and an agent would be happy to assist you with filing the claim. If you experience a loss outside of our business hours, please contact your insurance provider at the number below or click "Report a Claim" link. You can also use the links below to quickly make a payment with your provider.

1st Auto & Casualty Insurance logo

1st Auto & Casualty

Customer Service: 800-261-2886

Claims: 800-261-2886

Acuity Insurance logo


Customer Service: 800-242-7666

Claims: 800-242-7666

American Strategic Insurance

American Strategic Insurance

Customer Service: 866-274-8765

Claims: 866-274-5677

Auto Owners Insurance Logo


Customer Service: 800-346-0346

Claims: 800-252-4626

CNA Surety

CNA Surety

Customer Service: 800-331-6053

Claims: 877-672-6115

Germantown Mutual Insurance Company

Germantown Mutual

Customer Service: 262-251-6680

Claims: 800-236-4642

Integrity Mutual

Customer Service: 888-699-9182

Claims: 800-445-3030

JC Taylor Insurance

JC Taylor

Customer Service: 800-345-8290

Claims: 800-272-6764

McMillan Warner Insurance Company

McMillan-Warner Mutual

Customer Service: 800-505-1898

Claims: 800-505-1898

Foremost Insurance Logo


Customer Service: 800-422-4272

Claims: 800-854-6011

Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation

Mutual of Wausau

Customer Service: 855-393-4612

Claims: 855-393-4600

Penn National Insurance

Partners Mutual

Customer Service: 800-766-2245

Claims: 800-551-5151

Pekin Insurance


Customer Service: 800-322-0160

Claims: 888-735-4611

Progressive Insurance


Customer Service: 800-888-7764

Claims: 800-776-4737

Secura Insurance


Customer Service: 800-558-3405

Claims: 800-318-2136

Society Insurance

Society Insurance

Customer Service: 888-576-2438

Claims: 888-576-2438

IMT Insurance

The IMT Group

Customer Service: 800-274-3531

Claims: 800-274-3531

United Mutual Insurance Company

United Mutual

Customer Service: 800-236-2682

Claims: 800-236-2682

*Not FDIC Insured *No Bank Guarantee *May Lose Value

*Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency *Not a Deposit