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Forward Bank

ATM Banking

Access cash or deposit checks quickly and easy at an ATM near you! Our recently E.V.A enabled Smart Deposit ATMs also allow for complex transactions. 

Fast cash and so much more!

  • Access to approximately 40,000 fee-free ATMs
  • Safely and conveniently deposit checks and cash
  • Use your Debit Card to access funds
  • Check balances on your savings account

Smart Deposit ATM

Smart Deposit ATMs accept deposits 24/7 without the need for inserting your deposit in an envelope. This increases the ease of use and provides more flexibility in editing your deposit on screen. Images of checks included in the deposit are also printed on your receipt for reference.

Find a location near you to see if a Smart Deposit ATM is available.

Do more with E.V.A. than a typical ATM

Smart Deposit ATMs at some of our locations are enabled with E.V.A - the Enhanced Virtual Assistant. E.V.A. can quickly perform most transactions that a live teller can do and if you need additional assistance then you can even connect with a Customer Support Representative in a live video session during business hours.


  • Immediate availability of funds deposited
  • More cash denominations are available than other ATMs
  • Take care of more complex transactions – including loan payments – on your schedule
  • Connect live with friendly Forward team members for help

Find a location near you to try E.V.A. today!

Educational Videos

  • E.V.A. | Overview Video video

    E.V.A. | Overview Video

  • E.V.A. | Drive-Up Experience video

    E.V.A. | Drive-Up Experience

Your debit card is mobile wallet ready!

Instead of using a physical card to make purchases, a mobile wallet allows you to pay using your mobile device.