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Forward Bank

Certificate of Deposit

You'll know what the expected return is and when you’ll receive it with Forward Bank!

Enjoy important features like

  • Insured up to $250,000 per individual by the FDIC
  • Automatically renewable
  • Rate tiers based on balance

Short-Term CDs

  • Short term savings certificates, usually 3-6 months, offer you the fastest, readiest access to your money

Medium-Term CDs

  • Our 1-2 year medium-term CDs offer you higher yields than shorter term CDs
  • IRA Fixed and Roth available

Long-Term CDs

  • If you have a long-term outlook, our CDs with maturities of 3-5 years reward you with the highest yields we have to offer
  • IRA Fixed and Roth available

Unique CDs

  • Add to your CD during the term, bump up your rate to market rates once per term, withdraw funds from your CD
  • 30 and 40 month terms available

Certificate of Deposit Rates

Certificate of Deposit

AccountMinimum to OpenInterest RateAPY**Minimum to Earn APY**
6 Month CD$5000.300.30$500
6 Month CD$5000.350.35$10,000
6 Month CD$5000.400.40$25,000
1 Year CD$5000.4040$500
1 Year CD$5000.450.45$10,000
1 Year CD$5000.500.50$25,000
2 Year CD$5000.450.45$500
2 Year CD$5000.500.50$10,000
2 Year CD$5000.550.55$25,000
3D-CD (30 Mo.)*$1,0000.520.52$500
3D-CD (30 Mo.)*$1,0000.570.57$25,000
3 Year CD$5000.480.48$500
3 Year CD$5000.530.53$10,000
3 Year CD$5000.580.58$25,000
3D-CD (40 Mo.)*$1,0000.550.55$500
3D-CD (40 Mo.)*$1,0000.600.60$5,000
4 Year CD$5000.630.63$500
4 Year CD$5000.680.68$10,000
4 Year CD$5000.730.73$25,000
5 Year CD$5000.850.85$500
5 Year CD$5000.900.90$10,000
5 Year CD$5000.950.95$25,000

These interest rates are subject to change without advance notice.
APY assumes interest is added to account.
Term Certificates of Deposit and IRA’s may be subject to early withdrawal penalty.
***Must have checking with direct deposit.
**APY=Annual Percentage Yield.
*Rates could change after account is opened.

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