Remote Deposit Capture

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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a check scanner and computer program that work together to allow you to deposit your checks instantly. With RDC, you can deposit checks into your account in seconds without making a trip to the bank. Simply feed checks into your scanner to make instant deposits into your Forward Bank business account.


Please note that RDC transactions will not be posted when the Bank is closed for Federal holidays. View our holiday schedule for more information. 

Benefits of RDC:    


Notifies You of Potential Problems Sooner

Checks drawn on accounts with non-sufficient funds are deposited by conventional methods would normally be returned after several days. These checks are now identified sooner allowing you to address potential problems on a timelier basis.    


Frees up Staff

Remote deposit capture eliminates labor-intensive tasks such as preparing deposit slips, endorsing checks, and driving to the bank. And because this solution utilizes technology that recognizes the dollar amount on most checks, there is no need to manually enter this information. Simply review the scanned information before approving the deposit.    


Reduces Photocopying Costs and Filing Space Needs

Remote deposit capture automatically archives an easy-to-access digital copy of every check you scan eliminating the need for you to make photocopies of electronically deposited checks.  


Accelerates Clearings

Accelerated check clearing combined with reduced transportation and processing costs result in improved cash flow for your organization.


Need ink for your scanner?

WAUSAU offers a complete line of scanners, scanner supplies (replacement ink), scanner maintenance services and other check processing products for your Remote Deposit application.  To browse their site and/or order, click here.