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Forward Bank


A loan for every possibility!

Enjoy important feature like

  • Predictable Payments
  • Automatic Payments Available

Auto Loans

You depend on your vehicle to get your family to where they need to be each day. Combine great rates and friendly service with automatic payments, and you have the package that will keep you on the road.

ATV, Motorcycle and Snowmobile Loans

Spend less time in the bank and more time riding through the woods on your ATV or cruising the water in your new boat. We’ll make it easy for you to get the new ATV, Boat, Camper, Motorcycle, or Snowmobile of your dreams so you can enjoy the great outdoors!

Personal Loans

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Whether you're looking to pay off existing debt or make that big purchase, a Forward Bank Personal Loan can help you achieve your financial goals!

  • Video: Favorite Customer Stories | Samantha Hubbard video

    Video: Favorite Customer Stories | Samantha Hubbard

Don't forget to insure your toys this summer!

Spend more time cruising the water without the worry. Make sure your toys are properly protected with Forward Insurance!

Insurance products are not FDIC insured.