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Forward Bank

Manage Money

Use Mange Money to save hundreds of dollars every year by tracking spending, setting goals and establishing realistic budgets.

Select Manage Money from the menu within online banking or mobile app.

Enjoy these great features

  • Create spending categories
  • Set goals and budget
  • Watch where your money goes
  • Access through online and mobile banking


See All Of Your Accounts in One Place.
Juggling multiple financial accounts can be tricky! Chances are you have to use a bunch of different apps, websites, and services to check the balances of your accounts. Manage Money is your one-stop-shop for viewing all of your financial accounts even accounts from other financial institutions. Access Manage Money within Online and Mobile Banking to start adding your checking accounts, savings accounts, cash accounts, investments, loans, credit cards, and more!


A Smarter Way to Budget.
Take the hassle out of budgeting by creating a personalized budget based around your lifestyle using the budget tool within Manage Money. Create custom budget categories, change allocated amounts, view historical budgets, and change projected income.

Manage Money with Forward Bank Online Banking


Transactions Made Clear and Simple.
Your credit card might understand what “CSI-308613/22120-KW” means, but you shouldn’t have to! Get an up-close look at how and where you are spending your money with transactions that are searchable, easy to read, and categorized for you. Get started with Manage Money and turn this “CSI-308613/22120-KW” into Kwik Trip Gas Station.

Cash Flow

See Your Future Account Balance.
Keep your finances in the green by planning for future deposits and payments using the cash flow tool within Manage Money. The cash flow tool identifies recurring deposits and payments to show spending trends in a clear, simplified view.


Visualize Your Spending.
Manage Money’s spending wheel is designed to highlight how much money is going to life’s different spending categories. See spending categories over a defined range, view income sources, and drill down to subcategories and transactions. Tags and memos give you the flexibility to track what you’d like.

Manage Money with Forward Bank Online Banking

Net Worth

Monitor Your Net Worth.
The simplest way to find out where you sit financially is by calculating your net worth. Net worth is the difference between what you have and what you owe. Add your accounts and Manage Money will calculate it for you. Log into Online or Mobile Banking to get started.


Discover your Financial Trends.
Life is always moving and it’s hard to set a single monthly budget. As spending varies from month to month it’s important to know how your spending tracks throughout the year. Use the trends tool in Manage Money to track your spending trends today!



Select Manage Money from the menu within online banking or mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can add checking, savings, cash, investments, credit cards, property, and loans -- including accounts at other financial institutions.

No. Manage Money is entirely free.

Forward Bank customers can access Manage Money by logging into Online Banking or their Mobile app and selecting Manage Money from the menu.

The financial tool previously known as Manage Money/Propel received an upgrade in August 2023. The upgraded version is more user friendly and includes additional features described above. If you used Manage Money/Propel before the upgrade, any external accounts* linked or goals set will need to be established again. Going forward, the financial management tool will be referred to as Manage Money. 

*This does not affect accounts set up for External Transfers.