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Forward Bank


The quick, easy, and free way to move money between your accounts at Forward Bank or another financial institution!

Transfer (External)

Move money between your Forward Bank accounts and accounts you hold at other financial institutions.

Two Ways to Add Accounts

  1. Establish connection with external accounts quicker! Enter the login information for your other institution and we’ll create a secure and immediate connection.
  2. Or you can still set up a connection using your routing number and account number and wait for to verify the micro deposit amounts.

Cut off time is 3:00pm

If you need to schedule a transfer for a future date or set up to transfers to recur, please use our Bill Pay service.

Get Started with Transfer (External)

Select Transfer (External) from the menu within online banking or mobile app. 

Transfer (Internal)

Move money between your own Forward Bank accounts.

  • Post immediately
  • One-time transfers
  • Schedule in advance
  • Recurring transfers
  • Set up through online banking or mobile app

Get Started with Transfer (Internal)

Select Transfer (Internal) from the menu within online banking or mobile app.