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Digital Spring Cleaning April 30, 2018

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB) are encouraging all consumers to freshen up their online lives by conducting a thorough cleaning of their cyber clutter. These easy, actionable tips from NCSA and the BBB will help you stay cyber safe and protect your personal data and identity. 

  • KEEP A CLEAN MACHINE. Ensure all software on internet-connected devices – including PCs, smartphones and tablets – is up to date to reduce risk of infection from malware.
  • LOCK DOWN YOUR LOGIN. Your usernames and passphrase are not enough to protect key accounts like email, banking and social media. Begin your spring cleaning by fortifying your online accounts and enabling the strongest authentication tools available, such as biometrics, security keys or a unique one-time code through an app on your mobile device.
  • DECLUTTER YOUR MOBILE LIFE. Most of us have apps we no longer use and some that need updating. Delete unused apps and keep others current, including the operating system on your mobile devices.
  • DO A DIGITAL FILE PURGE. Perform a good, thorough review of your online files. Tend to digital records, PCs, phones and any device with storage just as you do for paper files. Get started by doing the following:
      • Clean up your email: Save only those emails you really need and unsubscribe to email you no longer need/want to receive.
      • Back it up: Copy important data to a secure cloud site or another computer/drive where it can be safely stored. Passphrase protect backup drives. Always back up your files before getting rid of a device, too.
  • OWN YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE. Review the privacy and security settings on websites you use to ensure they’re at your comfort level for sharing. It’s OK to limit how and with whom you share information.

  • digital spring cleaning_girl cleaning computer

Here are some user-friendly tips to help with the safe disposal of electronically stored data

  • KNOW WHAT DEVICES TO DIGITALLY “SHRED.” Computers and mobile phones aren’t the only devices that capture and store sensitive, personal data. External hard drives and USBs, tape drives, embedded flash memory, wearables, networking equipment and office tools like copiers, printers and fax machines all contain valuable personal information.
  • CLEAR OUT STOCKPILES. If you have a stash of old hard drives or other devices – even if they’re in a locked storage area – information still exists and could be stolen. Don’t wait: wipe and/or destroy unneeded hard drives as soon as possible.
  • EMPTY YOUR TRASH OR RECYCLE BIN ON ALL DEVICES AND BE CERTAIN TO WIPE AND OVERWRITE. Simply deleting and emptying the trash isn’t enough to completely get rid of a file. Permanently delete old files using a program that deletes the data, “wipes” it from your device and overwrites it by putting random data in place of your information ‒ that then cannot be retrieved.
    • For devices like tape drives, remove any identifying information that may be written on labels before disposal, and use embedded flash memory or networking or office equipment to perform a full factory reset and verify that no potentially sensitive information still exists on the device.
  • DECIDE WHAT DO DO WITH THE DEVICE. Simply deleting and emptying the trash isn’t enough to completely get rid of a file. Permanently delete old files using a program that deletes the data, “wipes” it from your device and overwrites it by putting random data in place of your information ‒ that then cannot be retrieved.


Download a Digital Declutter Checklist


Is There Such a Thing as Wedding Insurance? April 26, 2018

Weddings can be simple, but they rarely are. Most involve a million moving pieces, from the caterer to the florist to the unpredictable in-laws.

This massive event holds the potential for myriad mishaps. That’s why wedding insurance is now available. This policy is a specialized type of event insurance that covers a wide range of disasters that could affect your big day. You can customize the policy to insure major damages to your venue or other aspects of your wedding.



Enjoy protection with:


Event cancellation protection. What if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans for a picturesque wedding at the park? What if the officiant becomes ill? This coverage insures deposits for rental cars, flowers, the cake, and more, in case circumstances beyond your control cause a cancellation or delay of the ceremony.

Special coverage. Are you concerned about your rings, gifts, photographs, or tuxedos? Wedding insurance can provide coverage for these costly items. If the best man loses the rings or the ring bearer spills grape juice on his lapel, wedding insurance can prove quite helpful.

Liability. Large events always carry the risk of property damage and personal injury. This coverage protects you from liability in the event your guests damage the venue or suffer injury. Public venues may have their own coverage for these situations, or they may require you to provide a policy.


Compared to the price of the event, wedding insurance is typically quite affordable. If you encounter a hitch in your plans, this policy can help you save significant costs. If you’re planning a wedding, consult with your insurance agent to determine the best coverage for your event. The right policy can provide peace of mind to help keep your feet steady as you walk down that aisle. 

Forward Bank Participates in Wisconsin Power of Community Week April 13, 2018

Banks devote time, effort, and resources daily in support of their communities. During the week of April 16-20, 2018, banks from across the Badger State will be participating in the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) Power of Community campaign to highlight the role banks play in the communities they serve.
Forward Bank is involved in community service projects year-round, but participation in this week-long campaign will bring together the efforts of the entire Wisconsin banking industry to show our collective impact and involvement in the state.
“We are proud of our community and our role in helping families grow and businesses prosper. While we strive every day to serve our customers, it is especially rewarding when we volunteer directly in the community,” said Bill Sennholz, President/CEO at Forward Bank.
“It’s exciting to be coordinating our usual service efforts with other Wisconsin banks during the Power of Community week to really showcase how banks help their communities,” explained Sennholz.
Launched by the Wisconsin Bankers Association, the Power of Community campaign is a way for banks to celebrate the communities they serve, whether it’s volunteering at a local non-profit, fundraising for a charitable organization, using a bank office to collect items to be shared with a local group, or participating in National Teach Children to Save Day (Friday, April 20).
Forward will be working with veteran’s groups in all markets, except Marshfield, to coordinate gathering tattered flags for respectful destruction and the sale of new flags. In Marshfield, we will be making a donation to a veterans group after Grand Opening festivities wrap up.
Bankers will be using #BanksPowerWI on social media channels during their events across Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Bankers Association is the state’s largest financial industry trade association, representing nearly 250 commercial banks and savings institutions, their nearly 2,300 branch offices and 23,000 employees.

Forward Bank Selected as First Bubbler Award Winner in Marshfield! March 26, 2018


On Monday, March 19th, NEWaukee announced the winners of the 2018 Bubbler Awards: Best Places to Work for Young Professionals in Wisconsin. The following companies were nominated by their employees, evaluated, and selected by a group of young professional leaders from across the state of Wisconsin as the Top 10 Best Places for Young Professionals. Forward Bank headquartered in Marshfield and serving the surrounding communities is proudly in the top 10.

“I feel honored and humbled to be on a list with companies like the ones listed,” expressed Bill Sennholz, President/CEO of Forward Bank. “But it’s really the dedication of our team who is the driving factor behind our culture and success.”

The Bubbler Awards, part of the YPWeek Wisconsin (a statewide collaboration of young professionals showcasing their communities) highlights companies who have made it a priority to create an environment that allows not only young professionals, but all their employees, to connect to their workplace and community in unique and valuable ways. Forward Bank’s level of community involvement, employee engagement practices, and professional development opportunities were key factors in their nomination.

Hundreds of nominations were submitted and Forward Bank is one of three companies based in Central Wisconsin to receive the award this year and the first ever in Marshfield. “This was the second year I nominated Forward for a Bubbler Award, because I truly believe we offer an employee experience unlike any other. And this year, the jury saw Forward the way I do,” stated Jes Mannigel, Marketing Specialist at Forward Bank.


Read the Press Release here:

Watch the video Facebook announcement here:

To learn more about the Bubbler Awards and YPWeek, visit


Mortgage Open House at New Headquarters March 23, 2018

Mortgage Open House_image


Let the Mortgage Lending Team at Forward Bank welcome you to their new home on Thursday, April 12 from 5-7pm (1001 N. Central Ave., Marshfield, WI)! Stop in to receive your coupon for $200 off closing costs AND enter to have Forward pay the closing costs on your next mortgage purchase!*
Light refreshments will be served.
RSVP: By April 9th at 715-387-1122
*Some restrictions apply. Loan subject to standard underwriting and credit approval. Maximum value $1,600.


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