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Forward Bank and First National Bank Receive Regulatory Approval of Purchase April 12, 2019

Forward Bank and First National Bank have received approval from banking regulators to complete the purchase of all the deposit and loan relationships held by First National Bank.

As announced in December, Forward Bank will be assuming all the deposits and loan accounts of First National Bank.  The banks are continuing the process of working with the customers in Phillips and Park Falls on the details of the transaction. The transition is expected to close on May 3, 2019.

“We have reached out to all of our customers with letters letting them know of our intention to join with Forward Bank,” commented Tom Armstrong, President of First National Bank of Park Falls. “Our ongoing communications with customers and our community include the details of the transition process and how the move to Forward Bank will benefit them.”

“The team at Forward is excited to complete this transaction and begin our outreach specifically to non-profits in Park Falls and Phillips,” stated Bill Sennholz, President & CEO of Forward Bank. “With the guidance of Tom and his team, we’ll be well on our way to advancing the mission of supporting healthy and successful communities.”

Simple Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal April 10, 2019

Curb appeal is vital if you want your home to sell quickly for a good price. To create that enticing look, you don’t necessarily have to undertake extensive landscaping or major fixes to the exterior of the building. Instead, you could just concentrate on the entrance to your house.


Lead them in: You want to do everything you can to lead your guests (and potential buyers) into your home. Make it clear where the entrance is by emphasizing it, using some of the techniques in this article.

Accessorize: Make sure all your door hardware (the door knocker, handle and hinges) are new or look new. You can buy matching hardware cheaply. Alternatively, give what you already have a good polish. Invest in a new house number and mailbox that complement the rest of your hardware.

The door: Make sure the door looks bright and fresh. Paint it to match the rest of the trim on your house and keep it clean of dirty rain splashes.

Steps and railings: If there are steps up to your home, make sure they are well kept and safe. Check metal railings for rust and make sure they stay firm when visitors hold them.

Plants: Use containers or hanging baskets to mark the way to your home. They are easy to maintain and provide a splash of color. Try placing one container or basket on either side of the door to frame the entrance.

Lighting: Consider adding attractive lights to emphasize the entrance and make it more attractive at night.

Add a chair: If you have space, place an attractive chair near the entrance. It gives the impression your home provides a relaxing place to sit and rest.

Don’t forget a welcome mat: As a finishing touch, put a new mat outside the door.


Counterfeit Bills in Thorp March 29, 2019

Multiple reports are coming in from different areas for counterfeit bills. See details below:

From the City of Thorp (3/29/2019): Businesses and residents of Thorp, please keep an eye out for FAKE $100 bills circulating throughout the City. Thorp Police Department has recovered several of these fake bills. If you do find any, contact the PD at 715-669-5523. There are Chinese characters on the back side and the paper feels differently than real bills, but at quick glance look very similar.

counterfeit bills - thorp wisconsin


From the Eau Claire Police Department (3/28/2019):

Information for retailers! We have seen an increase in counterfeit currency being exchanged the past few weeks. This is a $100 bill passed this morning.

counterfeit bill - eau claire 1


Here are some tips to identify a counterfeit bill:

  • Feel of the bill
  • Look for the watermark portrait
  • Look for a security thread
  • Look for color changing ink
  • Pay attention to blurry boarders
  • Use a counterfeit money detection pen
  • The money may have a “Motion Picture Use Only” written on it


Dates set for First National Bank of Park Falls Conversion March 22, 2019

Dates have been set for the conversion of First National Bank of Park Falls customers to Forward Bank. The offices of First National Bank will be closed at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, May 3 and will remain closed through the weekend. On Monday, May 6, offices in Park Falls and Phillips will open as Forward Bank.

All offices of Forward Bank will have normal business hours this weekend.

First National Bank customers have received welcome materials outlining key dates and details on the transition of their accounts.  There will be some follow-up mailings for a few specific accounts and services sent shortly after the book.  These will not apply to all customers.

If you are a current customer of First National Bank of Park Falls, we encourage you to open all correspondence from Forward Bank as it will contain information to help make the transition smooth.

We are excited to have the staff and customers of First National Bank join our Forward family in May!

Car Shopping? Look for These Safety Features March 19, 2019

Not all cars are created equal. Some offer greater speed. Others offer better gas mileage. Another important difference is safety. Did you know certain safety features can reduce insurance costs and claims? To protect your passengers and your wallet, look for some of these top safety features the next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle.
Crashworthiness: If you’re considering a car, check out its crashworthiness rating. This indicates the vehicle’s ability to reduce the risk of injury and death during a crash based on its roof strength, front and side structures, head restraints, and seat design. You can look up a specific vehicle’s rating on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website.
man_considering_a_leased_car_1530565805_800x600Size and weight: A tank offers more protection than a smart car does. But bigger isn’t always better. An SUV may be more likely to roll over than a sports car. Be sure to review all factors of size and weight as you choose your vehicle. The safest option is typically a midsize sedan with a high safety rating.
Restraints: Modern vehicles offer far more than a simple seatbelt. For the best restraint systems, look for side airbags, locking head restraints, and lap and shoulder belts with crash tensioners. For steering column airbags, make sure you can reach the pedals without putting yourself too close to the steering wheel, as close proximity can cause serious injury if the bag is deployed.
Daytime lights: Many cars now feature daytime running lights that are activated when you turn on the car. These make vehicles more visible to other drivers and decrease the chances of daytime accidents.
Backup cameras: Rear-view video systems allow you to see the area behind your vehicle when you drive in reverse. These cameras can be very helpful in avoiding collisions with cars, objects, and pedestrians. Additional safety features such as anti-lock brakes and warning systems can help you steer clear of crashes and further reduce the likelihood of claims. Check with your insurance provider about potential discounts on premiums based on specific vehicle features. Most important, stay safe out there!


This article and any information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.  The publisher will not be responsible for errors or omissions or any damages, howsoever caused, that result from its use.  Seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter.


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