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Nathan Bilodeau Joins Forward Bank as Relationship Manager July 16, 2018

Nathan Bilodeau_Forward BankNathan Bilodeau has joined the Forward Bank team in Medford as a Relationship Manager.  As a Relationship Manager, he will focus on guiding customers through the consumer, mortgage and small business lending processes.
Bilodeau has over eight years of banking experience, most recently in the Appleton area. He was active in the Appleton area as a member of the Appleton Jaycees, PULSE, and Best Friends of Neenah Menasha. He has started to reach out to the Medford community through Rotary and coaching Medford High School JV Boys Soccer.
“We are excited to have our Medford team grow with Nathan’s addition,” said Dave Clark, Executive Vice President of Forward Bank. “His energy and experience is a perfect addition to our service team, and I’m confident that our community will enjoy his approach to helping customers.”   
Bilodeau has recently moved to Medford with his wife Megan. He’s enjoying what the area offers for biking, fishing, soccer and car shows.


Trying to sell your home? July 12, 2018

Are you trying to sell your home? Here are some tips to use to speed up the process of selling your home for the price you want!

Family standing in front of house; sold sign


Hire a real estate agent and follow their advice

There are some home owners who try to sell their homes on their own but in order for them to sell quickly and maximize their profit, an agent is the way to go. The knowledge that an agent has on pricing and marketing your home is a talent that most do not have.


Boost your curb appeal

An easy way to boost your curb appeal is just giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. Another tip is to add hanging baskets and planters to your front of your home and reseed your lawn. A home that looks well cared for is more inviting to future buyers.


Stage it

If you have the budget and want to sell fast, allow a professional stager to come and work their magic with your home. Cost too much? Here are some other tricks: Get rid of personal items, use mirrors to create illusions of light throughout your home, add pillows and blankets to seating, and add flowers or plants to each room.


Be flexible

Selling fast means maximizing the number of buyers coming to see your house, therefore be willing to vacate your house on a moments notice. Work with your agent to create as many viewing times as possible.

Top 10 Insurance Blunders June 27, 2018

When it comes to buying insurance, what you don’t know can hurt you. Learn how to identify the top 10 blunders and what to do to avoid them with these tips.


family, happy, sitting on couch, holding kids

1. Buying insurance on price alone.

Although price is a key determinant on what insurance to buy its even more important to have a reliable company and agent available if a claim arises.

Take time to look into the reputation and the rating of the insurance company by looking at third-party insurance rating companies like A.M. Best, Fitch Ratings, Weiss, or Standard & Poor’s. Make sure that the company will be there when you need them to be.


(Tip: Investigate an insurance company’s complaint ratio by visiting the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website.)


2. Failure to fully understand your policy.

Take time in evaluating your coverage and make sure you fully understand what is included in the policy. Exclusions, addendums, limitations, restrictions, and other “fine print” can make a big difference in price and coverage. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s a part of business.

(Tip: Actually read the policy and don’t make assumptions.)


3. Forgetting to update policies or make changes when needed.

Life events require major updates to your insurance coverage; everything from marriage to taking an extended vacation may have insurance implications. Take time to plan in advance and notify your agent of any life changing events.

(Tip: Don’t forget to update your name, address, and phone number if you have relocated, change of marital status, employment, or other significant life event.)


4. Making assumptions about your coverage.

Many people “think” they have coverage when they don’t. Common situations include taking a rental car out of the nation (car insurance limits), traveling out of the country (may not have life insurance), relocating (homeowners coverage may not cover belongings in transit) or other common exclusions.

(Tip: Ask your agent! IF you have never taken the time to sit with your agent and talk about your insurance needs, assets and desired levels of protection make it a priority to do so.)


5. Paying late and missing deadlines.

If you are like most people then you might have a tendency to ignore all those reminders and updates sent from the insurance company; after all, they begin to look the same after a while. Big mistake! Take the time to open, review and act upon them. One of the most commonly encountered blunders is also the easiest to prevent – late payments! Don’t allow your auto, homeowners or life insurance policy to be cancelled simply because you forgot the payment.

(Tip: Sign up for automatic payment of your insurance policies to make sure they are always paid on time.)


6. Skipping the important insurance products.

Most people focus on those types of insurance required by law or a mortgage company: auto insurance, homeowners insurance and perhaps employment provided health insurance. Unfortunately, that often leaves you vulnerable to some of the most frequently encountered problems including liability claims, disability and of course…loss of income.

(Tip: talk to your agent about affordable rates for frequent used insurances such as disability, life, long-term care, personal liability, and supplemental health and drug coverage.)


7. Failure to insure valuables separately.

Most homeowner policies have limits on jewelry, computers, electronic equipment and other valuables including business or hobby related items. Adding additional coverage for valuables is easy and inexpensive – just ask your agent about a rider to the existing policy.

(Tip: Take inventory of your belongings.)


8. Duplicating insurance.

It’s particularly easy to duplicate coverage especially if you tend to use different providers for auto, home, life, health and other coverage. One of the benefits of working with one agent is the ability to coordinate coverage, have one primary point of contact for all your insurance needs and eliminate duplicate coverage (which also will save money!).

(Tip: When looking to buy insurance, ask your agent for multiple policy discounts if you switch all your policies to one provider.)


9. Buying before obtaining quotes.

Avoid unpleasant surprises and costly premiums by obtaining insurance quotes prior to making a major purchase. Not only will you have a better idea of how to budget for the new purchase but it often makes you aware of prior damages or other issues that can be hard to spot.

(Tip: Always obtain an insurance quote on the exact home, car, boat, or other major item before making the purchase.)


10. Naming title and other troubles.

What’s in a name? A Lot! Another commonly encountered and easily overlooked insurance blunder is how a policy, beneficiary or title is recorded. Names matter especially when it comes to legal transactions. Areas most prone to problems include beneficiaries, ownership of real estate, cars, automobiles or other major investments as well as health or personal care coverage.

(Tip: Always use legal names and verify that each policy includes the item and owner(s) or beneficiary including social security number or other proper identification.)



2018 Scholarship Recipients June 11, 2018

Forward is proud of the close relationship that we have with our schools and our students. It has been our privilege to watch each graduating class excel as they’ve moved through their high school years. Our mission of Moving Our Communities Forward starts with helping students further their education and bring their knowledge back into their hometowns. Living up to that mission is why we are awarding scholarships in each of the communities that we serve.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Employees at Forward, we are proud to announce the  2018 Scholarship Recipients:


Abbotsford_Forward Bank 2018 Scholarship Recipient_photo_Dylana Schreiner

Dylana Schreiner (Abbotsford High School); Presented by Gary Schraufnagel

Spencer_Forward Bank 2018 Scholarship Recipient_Logan Mannigel _photo

Logan Mannigel (Spencer High School); Presented by Chris Damerell and Jill Scheppler








Stratford_Forward Bank 2018 Scholarship Recipient_Sarah LaBorde_photo

Sarah LaBorde (Stratford High School); Presented by Megan Rosandich

Thorp_Forward Bank 2018 Scholarship Recipient_Morgan Barth_photo

Morgan Barth (Thorp High School); Presented by Samantha Hubbard









Withee - Forward Bank Scholarship Recipient - Hayley Goessl - photo

Hayley Goessl (Owen-Withee High School); Presented by Kelly Bogdonovich

Stanley - Forward Bank Scholarship Recipient - Carlie Nelson - photo

Carlie Nelson (Stanley High School); Presented by Mike Henke and Andrea Hazard





Greenwood - Forward Bank Scholarship Recipient - Brianna North - photo

Brianna North (Greenwood High School); Presented by Pam Delo

Medford - Forward Bank Scholarship Recipient - Abby Schultz - photo

Abby Schultz (Medford High School); Presented by Molly Knoll















Thorp_Lotzer Scholarship Recipient_Abigail Mathison)_photo

Lotzer Scholarship Recipient – Abigail Mathison (Thorp High School); Presented by Samantha Hubbard






















Discover more about our Scholarship Program»


6 Steps to a WHEDA Loan June 8, 2018

Interested in buying a home? Start with WHEDA!

Buying a home is one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you’ll make in your life. That’s why it’s important to get the best home loan available to match your financial situation. Let the WHEDA guide you toward your future home. 





Have your finances in order before applying for a loan. Know your credit score, as most WHEDA’s programs require a minimum credit score of 620.


Contact a WHEDA Participating Lender, like Forward Bank. Our mortgage lender team will look at your monthly income, credit history, and debt level to qualify you for a WHEDA loan that best fits your needs. 


WHEDA has loan programs tailored to your individual needs whether you are purchasing, refinancing, or first-time or repeat buyer.


Get educated! First-time borrowers using a WHEDA loan are required to take a home buyer education class. Learn about the buying process, financing options, and being a responsible homeowner.


Get pre-approved! Find out how much house you can afford narrows your search saving you time. After pre-approval, you can work with a qualified real estate professional to find a home in your target neighborhood and price range. 


Congratulations!Closing is done, you are now officially a homeowner! Let WHEDA’s Loan Servicing Team help you mange your WHEDA loan account via phone at800-562-5546 or email


Contact a mortgage lender  or call us at 1-800-671-0942 to get started!


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