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Animal Invasion? You May or May Not Be Covered August 19, 2019

Your dog ate your couch. Birds destroyed your gutter. A family of raccoons overran your garage. Will your homeowners insurance cover these animal invasions? Yes and no. Here’s the scoop:

dog damaged couchInfestation: If your home suffers damage at the hands (or legs) of insects, rodents, or vermin, the cost probably won’t be covered by your homeowners insurance. Whatever damage these unwanted guests cause, including nesting and infestation, is not usually covered. However, this varies by policy, so be sure to check with your insurance agent to confirm.

Destruction: If your personal property is destroyed by an animal, this usually does not fall under your homeowners policy coverage. If the animal damages the property itself, this is probably covered. So, if a bear breaks into your garage and mauls your tools, you might be on your own to replace your saw, but the damage Mr. Grizzly caused to the garage door should be covered.

Liability: Coverage for damages caused by pets varies based on where the damage occurs. If your cute kitten ruins your new loveseat, you’ll have to hold Fluffy responsible. Your insurance company probably won’t pay for that. But if you bring Fido to your friends’ house and he eats their loveseat, the liability portion of your policy will kick in and cover this damage.

Do you have concerns about potential animal-related damages? Review your policies with a Forward Insurance Agent and determine what specific coverage is best for you and available in your area.

Forward Bank Donates $60,000 to the Chequamegon School Bleacher Project August 14, 2019

Chequamegon Bleacher Donation - webForward Bank recently made a $60,000 donation toward the Chequamegon School Bleacher project.
The project to replace the bleachers at the Chequamegon High School football field will bring the facilities up to date and allow for more ADA accessibility for viewing local sporting events.
“A donation of this magnitude is part of our mission to give back to our community,” commented Bill Sennholz, President & CEO of Forward Bank. “Our community support is how we pay dividends to our owners. Instead of sending checks to individuals, we invest in our community with projects like the bleacher project.”
“Our area high school athletic events bring our communities together to support student athletes,” stated Tom Armstrong, SVP / Market President at Forward Bank. “The lessons learned on and off the field by athletes and spectators alike are carried in to the Park Falls community and help to drive long-term success.”
Pictured is Mike Mader, Tom Armstrong, Victor Ambrose, Tracy Linsmeyer (with check), Sam Pritzl, Mark Weddig, and Michael Bablick.

100 Years Forward – I would want 100… August 12, 2019

Forward is celebrating 100 years in 2019! And while 100 years is a great accomplishment for a bank, we wanted to ask our employees, if they could have 100 of anything, what would it be? Vacation days? Cats? #100YearsForward

$5,000 Touchdown Throw Returns with a Few Changes August 5, 2019

Forward Bank $5,000 Touchdown Throw - Abbotsford 2018More schools and more chances to win! For the second year, Forward Bank will be sponsoring a $5,000 Touchdown Throw at 12 local high school football games this fall. To support the mission of giving back to the community, half of the overall prize will be given to the school athletic program.

Each fan at a participating High School Football game will be eligible to attempt the $5,000 touchdown throw into a 32-gallon barrel sitting on the goal line of the end zone. The lucky participant will be selected at random from the crowd to attempt the throw from the 15-yard line. This year, the passer will have 2 attempts. If successful, the passer will receive $2,500 and $2,500 will be donated to the athletic program on their behalf. There is no cost to participate.

“We are excited to continue our partnerships with our school athletic programs and support our student athletes with this unique donation opportunity,” commented Bill Sennholz, President/CEO of Forward Bank. “By moving the barrel to the front of the end zone, making the throw about 10 yards closer than last year and providing two chances to make the throw, we’re hoping to increase the odds of awarding the grand prize in each of our communities.”

Forward Bank will be at the following games:

    • Chequamegon Screaming Eagles – Thursday, August 22nd
    • Thorp Cardinals – Friday, August 23rd
    • Colby Hornets – Friday, August 30th
    • Medford Red Raiders – Friday, September 6th
    • Spencer/Columbus Rockets – Friday, September 6th
    • Stanley-Boyd Orioles – Friday, September 13th
    • Abbotsford Falcons – Friday, September 20th
    • Greenwood Indians –  Friday, September 27th
    • Gilman Pirates – Friday, October 4th
    • Owen-Withee Blackhawks – Friday, October 11th
    • Marshfield Tigers – Friday, October 18th
    • Phillips Loggers – Friday, October 18th

Please support your local High School football programs and you could have the opportunity to throw a $5,000 touchdown pass! Learn more about our Cooperative Programs and view videos from previous events.


Winners of the 2020 Employee Calendar Photo Contest July 30, 2019

And the tradition continues! The 3rd Annual Employee Calendar Photo Contest has been our most successful yet! Over 60 photos were submitted by 31 employees and capture the areas where they live, work, and play!

Submissions were voted on internally as well as a “fan vote” through Facebook to determine the winners.
Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Pick up your complimentary custom calendar later this fall (after Thanksgiving) – available at all of our branch locations.
See all submissions for the 2020 Calendar Photo Contest »

Congratulations to our winners:


Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Barn Rainbow

1st – Sara Blume (Withee) “Barn Rainbow”

Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Sunrise

2nd – Amy Benedict (Park Falls) “Sunrise”











Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Friday Night Lights

3rd – LuAnn Palecek (Park Falls) “Friday Night Lights”

Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Cloud Sunrise

4th – Aaron Leiby (Marshfield) “Cloud Sunrise”











Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Busy Bee

5th – Erin Voss (Colby) “Busy Bee”

Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Early Morning Sunrise

6th – Shari Kaiser (Marshfield) “Early Morning Sunrise”











Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Curly

7th – Kelly Hilgart (Park Falls) “Curly”

Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Limestone Arch Rock

8th – Kelly Booth (Withee) “Limestone Arch Rock”











Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - On Lake Michigan

9th – Morgan Boie (Thorp) “On Lake Michigan”

Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Winter Serenity

10th – JoAnna Yeager (Stanley) “Winter Serenity”











Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Calm Night

11th – Jenny Green (Park Falls) “Calm Night”

Forward Employee Calendar Photo Contest - Sunset

12th – Chrissy Walczak (Marshfield) “Sunset”











Forward Employee Photo Contest - Duck Family

Honorable Mention – Ruth Thompson (Withee) “Duck Family”




















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