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Life Insurance 101: Choosing the Right Policy September 18, 2018

  Cracking the complex and confusing lingo of life insurance can be a chore. Following is a tutorial that might help:   Term Life: Term life insurance provides basic protection in the event of an untimely death. It can be purchased in various durations, ranging from five to 35 years. There are various types of […]

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Why Life Insurance Equals Love for Newlyweds September 11, 2018

While it might not seem like the most romantic part of planning a future life of matrimonial bliss, it could be one of the most important. Life insurance is an essential part of creating a future together and making sure the one you love is provided for in any situation.   The first step in […]

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Dave Krause Receives John Finney Lifetime Award September 5, 2018

When a family has a child being treated for cancer, it quickly becomes a daily struggle just to hold everything that matters together. For families under such constant stress, Joshua’s Camp is a very special retreat with a life-renewing mission. This camp would become a second home for Dave Krause and his family.    Dave Krause, […]

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What Should You Do with an Old Life-Insurance Policy? September 4, 2018

Life insurance is easy to forget when you don’t need it. As you near retirement, it might be a good time to reevaluate your needs. Is your old policy — possibly purchased decades ago — still serving a purpose? Life insurance is important as we start our adult lives — get married, buy homes, have children. […]

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Forward Bank & Forward Insurance Donates $15,000 to Thorp Athletic Booster Club August 29, 2018

Forward Bank and Forward Insurance donates $15,000 to the Thorp Athletic Booster Club to support the remodeling project and addition to the Thorp School.  Specifically the funds will be used for the new weight room and fitness center.   Many of the Forward staff in Thorp are Alumni of Thorp High School and are always […]

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