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Cyber Liability Coverage


Navigating the Internet can be difficult enough when dealing with multiple accounts, email marketing and search engine optimization, but you’re also responsible for protecting the information that you store there. Cyber liability insurance may be the answer:

To understand what protection cyber liability insurance provides, you must first understand the risk you face as a business. Cyber-attacks don’t necessarily occur in the ether of Internet. Cyber-attacks can also include computer hardware problems, communication media errors, system backup and operating system errors and even errors and fraud involving internal people like system administrators.

Three common types of cyber risks include:

  1. Natural: The most common errors and losses result from severe weather. For example, a lightning strike or power surge can severely damage or destroy an entire database.
  2. Human error: These unintentional acts can involve something as simple as leaving a laptop that has access to patient medical records, at the airport.
  3. Intentional: This involves illegal criminal activity and can occur outside the organization, by hackers or criminals, or inside the organization.

Contrary to popular belief, nearly all businesses are susceptible to a cyber-attack and your general liability policy may not cover the associated risks, which include loss of control over sensitive customer data. Contact a Forward Insurance agent to discuss your options.

*Not FDIC Insured *No Bank Guarantee *May Lose Value

*Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency *Not a Deposit