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Forward Bank

First $5K Shot-on-Goal Winner of Season

December 17, 2021

Forward Bank sponsored a $5,000 Shot-on-Goal on December 14th at the Medford Raiders hockey game and saw a winner!

The lucky participant, Shawn Konieczny, was selected at random from the crowd to attempt a shot-on-goal from the center line for a chance to win $2,500 for himself and $2,500 for the school’s athletic program. Shawn’s first attempt went wide right of the goal. With the crowd cheering him on, he straightened out his second attempt and the puck slid right into the cutout! Shawn is the first winner of the $5,000 Shot-on-Goal this season. Congratulations to Shawn and the Medford athletic program!

 “We are so happy to be back at these types of events that encourage our communities to come out and support our student athletes,” commented Heidi Reinhardt, Office Manager at Forward Bank in Medford. “It is a fun and exciting way for us to connect with our communities while giving back!” We’re so happy to have the first winner of the season in Medford!”

Winter $5K Shots are occurring at high school hockey and basketball games in each of the communities Forward Bank serves.

Volunteers pose for a picture with the winner at the $5K Shot on Goal in Medford
The Forward team presented Shawn Konieczny with a check for $5,000 for successfully making the $5K Shot on Goal.

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